This site has been designed for energy efficiency

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What makes this website energy efficient ?

If you click the lightbulb icon in your top right corner you will see how much carbon this page emits.
Data and badge displayed come from Website Carbon Calculator.


This website is hosted using Cloudflare Pages which is consider to be green hositing.

Few images

Only images I am putting on the site are the ones that hold value to the content. I may add some decorative "images" once I teach myself how to make cool svg ones :)

No videos

There is no videos on this site, only links to externally hosted videos of my conference talks. This eliminates the need for any JS embeds as well as well as gives a choice to users to see the video only if they really want to.

Minimum 3rd parties

Only third party I am using on this website is plausible analytics that is extremely lightweight and privacy friendly allowing me to track just few basic metrics such as how many visititors I had visiting the site.

Content revisions

Even though there is still not many blog posts, I am planning to keep any post I create up to date or delete it once it is not relevant anymore.