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Hi, I am Ines, Croatian living and working in Munich, Germany.

I hold a Master's Degree in Telecommunications and Information Technology and am currently working as Web Performance Engineer and Sustainable Web Consultant in Cogniznat Netcentric.

After years of frontend development I got an opportunity to completely focus and work full-time on Web Performance. Through this topic I learned about Sustainable Web Design and am currently part of W3C Sustainable Web Design Community Group where we are in the process of defining guidelines for the topic.

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge through articles, talks, workshops and courses. I am also very proud to be recognized as an Ambassador for Google Women Techmakers program.

I have just started most fun and challenging project in my life, which is raising one very cute little human.

Speaker Bio

Ines Akrap is a Frontend Software Engineer passionate about making the web faster, sustainable and more usable for everyone. She loves sharing her knowledge and passion for technology with others, so she teaches coding as a part of the Female Tech Leaders organization.